Drones are becoming very popular. They are remote-control aircraft and people fly them for fun, or to make videos. But you have to be very careful where you fly them.

Recently, an airplane almost hit a drone, near Heathrow Airport in London. The airplane was only 20 metres away from hitting the drone. It was very lucky that they did not collide.

The drone should not have been so close to the airport, or so high, it was flying at 1500 metres. The operator of the drone was not found, which is probably lucky for them.

Before you fly a drone, you should check the law or you could get in hot water.


Drones – remote-controlled pilotless aircraft

Remote-control – control of a machine from a distance

Aircraft – a machine capable of flight

Careful – make sure of avoiding danger

Airplane – aircraft with wings and engines

Collide – hit by accident when moving

Operator – person who operates equipment or a machine

Found – past participle of find, to discover

Check – examine something to determine its quality, condition or accuracy

Law – system of rules for a country

Get in hot water – phrase, get in trouble

Think about

Have you ever seen a drone?

Do you think they are useful?

What should happen to the operator, if they are caught?