A new tourist attraction has opened in China. They are see-through loos. They are in the tops of trees in a forest, near a lake. And they have amazing views of nature, and the other people using the toilets!

What is interesting is that the walls of the toilets are also transparent. Yes, even between the men's and women's.

There has recently been a boom in glass bridges and walkways in China. But these are the first glass toilets.

Lots of people do not like the idea of these toilets but it is hoped that it will encourage tourists to visit the area. But maybe they will wait to spend a penny somewhere else.



Tourist attraction – a place which draws visitors because of something of interest

See-through – transparent or translucent, you can see through it

Loo – British phrase for toilet

Forest – large area covered with trees

Lake – large area of water surrounded by land

View – visual experience

Nature – the world, animals, plants and landscape

Walls – upright side of a building or room

Transparent – see-through or translucent

Between – the space separating two things

Boom – period when something is very successful or popular

Walkways – passage or path for walking along, especially connecting buildings

Encourage – stimulate development

Spend a penny – British phrase for going to the toilet


Think about

What do you think about this story?

Do you know any other unusual tourist attractions?

How would you feel about using these toilets?