This month is October, but it has almost finished. Next month it will be Movember! Of course, the month is really called November. But it is also the month when men all around the world grow moustaches, or mos. A man who does this is called a mobro.

Men grow moustaches so more people talk about men's health problems. And also to get money for charity.

Men do not talk about their health problems very often and this should change. The problems which Movember helps are, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

Money raised in the Czech Republic, is used in this country. It goes to the charity NADAČNÍ FOND MUŽI PROTI RAKOVINĚ.

I will be growing a moustache again this year, it is my second time. So please help me raise money for this great cause. Make a donation (GIVE MONEY) at

Want to be in my team? Go to


Movember - the month when men raise money by growing a moustache

November - the eleventh month of the year

Moustache - strip of hair above the lower lip

Mo - slang for moustache

Mobro - a man who is taking part in Movember, moustache brother

Health problems - something unwelcome or harmful to your health/wellbeing

Charity - organisation to provide help or raise money for those in need

Change - make or become different

Raise - increase the amount of

Growing - increasing in size or amount

Cause - principle, aim or movement

Donation - money given to charity


Think about

What are the main charities in your country?

Do you ever give money to charity? If not, why not?

How much money will you donate to Movember?