Central Italy has had its fourth earthquake in three months. This one had a magnitude of 6.6 and was Italy's strongest in many years.

Earlier this summer more than 300 people were killed close to this area. But, luckily, this time no one died. Some buildings were destroyed, including an ancient basilica.

This earthquake was felt all the way from Rome to Venice in the north. It was the strongest since 1980.

After the first quakes many people didn't return to their homes. Many people were worried that there would be more quakes and some were not sleeping in buildings, but in their cars. This is what probably saved lives this time.



Earthquake – sudden violent shaking of the ground

Magnitude – size

Strongest – the most strong

Close – a short distance away

Luckily – it is fortunate that

Destroy – end the existence of something

Ancient – from the very distant past

Basilica – type of building used in ancient Rome as a court or public room

Quake – slang for earthquake

Return – go back

Worried – anxious or troubled

Probably – almost certainly


Think about

What would you do if the area where you lived kept having earthquakes?

What could you do to protect yourself?

Which countries have the biggest problems with natural disasters?