In Britain, a book has just been returned to the library. But it was taken back 120 years late. The book is called, "The Microscope and its Revelations", and is a science textbook.

If you have ever forgotten to return your book to the library, then you know that you may have to pay a fine. A library in Britain would normally charge 17 pence a day for an overdue book. So the fine for this book would be £7,446 (or 223380 Czech crowns)!

But the library has said that they don't want the money, they are just happy to get the book back. The book was found by the granddaughter of the man who borrowed it, who was a distinguished scientist.



Return – give back to a place

Library – a building containing a collection of books

Late – doing something after the expected time

Textbook – a book used for study

Forgotten – past participle of forget, fail to remember

Fine – sum of money exacted as a penalty

Overdue – not having been done by the expected time, late

Found – past tense of find, discover

Borrow – take and use (something belonging to someone else) with the intention of returning it

Distinguished – very successful and authoritative

Scientist – person who has expert knowledge of a science


Think about

How often do you use the library?

Have you ever returned a book late? Was there a fine?

What is the oldest book that you own?