People in Australia have organised an unusual protest at Parliament House in Canberra. It was a rolling protest, yes a rolling protest. Outside of the parliament building there is a grass hill which has always been very popular with locals and visitors. People often go there to sit in the sun.

But the government plans to build a security fence, against terrorism, and so people would not be able to sit there. One man decided to organise a protest and asked family and friends to join him. But, by using Facebook, the protest had hundreds of people.

So it was a very peaceful, happy protest. All the protesters did was roll down the hill, laughing and smiling. The idea was to show what fun would be missed if the fence was built. And also that terrorists should not be allowed to change our way of life. If we change, then they win.



Organise - arrange

Protest – action expressing objection to something

Rolling – turning over and over

Hill – naturally raised area of land

Locals – inhabitants of a particular area

Visitors – people visiting somewhere

Government – group of people with the authority to govern a country

Fence – barrier of wood or wire enclosing an area

Peaceful – free from disturbance, tranquil

Miss – notice the loss or absence of something

Way of life – typical pattern of behaviour


Think about

What would you protest about?

What is the best way to protest?

What protests do you know about in your country?