"His eyes popped out of his head!" - This is an English phrase and it means to be surprised. But it can also mean something else, to come out.

This week it happened, during a basketball game, in New Zealand, one player's eye actually popped out. One of his opponents poked him in the eye and his eyeball came out of his head. The player said he could feel his eyeball on the side of his face but could still see out of it.

He said it felt very unusual. When the ambulance came they gave him some painkillers and put the eye back in. Now he is fine and can see normally and should be playing again soon.



Popped out – Past tense of pop out, to come out easily

Head – the top of the body, where your brain is

Surprise – to feel shock

Opponents – people you compete with

Poke – jab or prod with you finger

Eyeball – round part of the eye

Face – front of the head from forehead to chin

Unusual – not normal

Ambulance – vehicle for taking sick or injured people to and from hospital

Painkillers – drug or medicine for relieving pain


Think about

What is the most painful thing that has happened to you?

Have your "eyes popped out of your head"? Like been surprised.

What are the most dangerous sports to play?