The weather in the United Kingdom has recently been very hot, like in the Czech Republic. But now there have been post-heatwave floods. Flash flooding has caused chaos in England and there has been 2 weeks of rain in one night.

One train was derailed but no one was hurt. People have said that lightning struck houses and many roads are waterlogged. There are also major delays on many roads.

People are still worried that the weather could get worse, with more lightning and maybe even hail.

Experts think that when the bad weather moves away it will feel very cold, but it will be the normal temperature for this time of year.

The Czech weather forecast says that the same thing will happen here, but hopefully without the floods.



Weather – the state of atmosphere, heat or sunshine, wind or rain

Recently – not long ago

Post – preposition, after

Heatwave – prolonged period of abnormally long weather

Floods – overflow of a large amount of water, especially over dry land

Flash flooding – sudden local flood

Chaos – complete disorder or confusion

Derailed – when a train or tram leaves its tracks by accident

Lightning – natural electrical discharge between a cloud and the ground

Struck – past tense of strike, to hit

Waterlogged – full of water

Delays – late or slow

Worse – less good

Hail – pellets of frozen rain

Weather forecast – analysis of the weather with an assessment of likely developments


Think about

What weather words do you know?

What types of natural disasters do you know?

What was the worst weather you have seen?