Oxford University is now the top ranked university in the world. It is the first time that a British university has done this. The California Institute of Technology had been best for the last 5 years. But people are worried that the UK's exit from the EU will cause problems in the future.

Some other countries, like the Netherlands, have done better too. And lots of Asian countries are also improving, Hong Kong has done very well with 5 of its 6 universities in the top 200. But it is not such good news for the Czech Republic. We only have one university in the top 600, last year we had 6! Charles University is ranked as the best in this country.

Researchers decided on this list by looking at teaching, research and how international the university is (how many foreign teachers and students it has).


Top – the best, of very good quality

Ranked – position in an ordered series

Best – most excellent type or quality

Worried – anxious or troubled

Exit – the act of leaving

Problem – an unwelcome or harmful situation

Improving – getting gradually better

News – new or noteworthy information

Researcher – a person who carries out academic or scientific research

Research – academic or scientific research

International – something occurring between nations

Foreign – from a country other than one’s own

Think about

Were you surprised by these results?

What is the most important thing that makes a good university?

If you could study in any country, which one would it be and why?