Hundreds of people have been killed by a huge storm in Haiti. More than 400 people, so far, are confirmed dead. One city had 80% of its buildings destroyed. Hurricane Matthew had winds as fast as 193 kilometres per hour.

It is also very close to the coastline of Florida, only 50 kilometres away. Americans are hoping that it does not come any closer.

Most of the people who were hurt in Haiti were hit by falling trees and flying debris. And also by flooded rivers. The floods are making it very difficult for rescuers to help people.

More than 350,000 people need help and they are running out of food and water. There is also a danger of another cholera epidemic. This happened after the earthquake in 2010.



Killed – loss of life

Huge – very, very large

Storm – violent disturbance of the atmosphere, strong winds, rain etc.

Confirmed – firmly established

Dead – no longer alive

Destroyed - ruined

Wind – natural movement of air

Coastline – land along the coast

Hoping – wanting something to happen

Hurt – pain or injury

Debris – pieces of rubbish or remains

Flooded – overflowed with water

Running out – having almost nothing left

Epidemic – widespread occurrence of an infectious disease

Earthquake – sudden, violent shaking of the ground

Think about

Has your country ever suffered a natural disaster?

What type of person works as a rescuer in these situations?

How can we help the people of Haiti?