Cycling in Hradec Králové is very popular and quite easy. But not all cyclists follow the rules. Do you think it is important to follow the rules?

If you lived in Australia maybe you would. Cyclists who break the rules get large fines from the police. For example, if you don't have a bell the fine is $106 (1900 crowns). Or if you ride without a helmet, which is compulsory for everybody, the fine is $319 (5800 crowns). If you ride unsafely or don't stop at a pedestrian crossing, $425 (7750 crowns).

So that quick trip to the shop could become very expensive! From March next year cyclists will also have to carry ID like car drivers. Lots of people are very upset about this.



Popular – liked by many people

Rules – a set of regulations

Important – of great significance

Break the rules – phrase – to not follow the rules

Fine – money taken as a penalty by a court of law

Bell – metal object that makes a noise

Helmet – hard protective hat

Compulsory – required by law, obligatory

Unsafely – do something in a way that is not safe

Pedestrian crossing – part of the road where pedestrians have the right of way

Expensive – costing a lot of money

ID – identification card

Upset – not happy


Think about

Would you cycle more carefully and follow the rules if you lived in Australia?

Do you think these rules are a good idea and why?

Are you a safe cyclist?