Britain does not always have the best weather but it has some amazing beaches.

Weymouth beach is perfect for families. Located in the county of Dorset, it is always very popular. It is famous for traditional British seaside entertainment; such as donkey rides, funfairs and Punch and Judy shows. There are also lots of shops, cafés and restaurants.

To the west, in Wales, you will find Oxwich Bay. Possibly the most beautiful beach in Britain, it is part of an area called the Gower Peninsular. There you can find castles, a nature reserve and many other amazing monuments and nature trails.

Another amazing Welsh beach is Barafundle, Pembrokeshire. Located on National Trust land, it is a perfect romantic destination. It is a 15-minute walk from the car park over rocks and hills and finally down some steps to the beach. Take a picnic because this beach is peaceful and doesn’t have any facilities.

Brighton Beach is the most famous in this list. It is a pebble beach and is very popular when the sun is shining. Not far from London, on the South coast, be prepared for some ‘’fun in the sun’’.

Finally we go to the North of England. Scarborough is a traditional beach with cafes and beautiful buildings. There is a castle nearby and in the past people thought that the sea water had special healing powers, like a spa. The weather may be cooler in this part of Britain so check the weather forecast before you go.



Traditional – part of a tradition, long-established

Seaside – by the sea

Funfairs – a fair with rides and amusements

Punch and Judy show – traditional English puppet show

Possibly – perhaps

Nature Reserve – land managed to preserve flora and fauna

Monument – Statue or building to remember a person or event

Nature trail – path through the countryside

National Trust – organisation which preserves places of beauty

Destination – the place where someone is going

Pebble – small, smooth stone

‘’Fun in the sun’’ – phrase which describes a party atmosphere

Healing – process of making someone healthy

Weather forecast – analysis of the weather and prediction of the future

Think about

Which beach would be best for a couple who want quiet?

Which beach would be best for a party?

Which beach would you choose and why?